10 great tips for loyal customers

by JohanBe inspired08/05/2017

10 great tips for loyal customers
Loyal customers are good customers: they are satisfied so they keep coming back to buy from you again..

But how do you get these loyal customers? Not with cliché slogans or discount coupons to cut out, but with these ten tips for an original approach

  1. Praise yourself for once

    Sometimes customers do not see how beautifully you have wrapped their gift. So you have to make sure that they notice your first-class service, for instance by pointing it out in a newsletter or during a phone call. 

  2. Make the most of special occasions

    By sending your customers a card or a gift voucher on special dates – birthdays, Christmas, the birth of a baby, etc. – you are sure to touch the right chord. Have even more effect with a very personal approach, such as a gift that refers to your customer’s interests or business. For that, of course, you have to find the relevant information.

  3. Say it with books

    A book is a lasting gift. Preferably choose a bestseller or a book that really fits in with your own company or your customer. If your customer is a business leader himself, than he is sure to appreciate a book on successful entrepreneurship. Two suggestions: “Steal like an Artist” or “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”. And above all, don’t forget to write a short personal message inside.

  4. Thoroughly spoil a customer

    Really let loose with your customer service for once and give one customer an unforgettable experience: a balloon flight, a champagne breakfast … the possibilities are endless. The result you want is for this customer to go around telling everyone what you have done for him: great advertising!

  5. Reward your most loyal customers

    Make sure your most loyal customers stay around with a loyalty program. Everyone loves the feeling of getting just that little bit extra. It doesn’t have to be much bother. For instance, you can’t go wrong with a reduction on your customer’s birthday. 

  6. Do more with social media

    Pay extra attention — give more benefits — to customers who are active on social media. That way, your organization has a louder voice through them on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. Reward a review — preferably a positive one … — with a discount on their next purchase. And be sure not to ignore negative posts: spoil these customers, too.

  7. Turn the spotlight on customers

    Twitter is ideal to let your customers know what they mean to you in a very personal way. It’s quite a challenge to do so in 140 characters, so keep it short and powerful! Another idea is to mention or quote customers on your website.

  8. Surprise: spontaneous discount

    Every customer will be pleasantly surprised when he receives a discount ‘just like that’. You make it clear once again that they are being given a discount as thanks for their loyalty. If you have a physical store, your customer receives his discount at the cash desk. Like to bet that he will pay with pleasure?

  9. Fun-filled gift

    You achieve more with humor. Your customer will enjoy receiving an amusing message or a funny photo gift and will remember it. You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to paste the faces of your team – or your customer – onto the cast of Star Wars or the members of the Village People. This free graphic app will take care of it for you.

  10. The good cause

    Don’t just give your customers a present but above all, make them feel good with a small business gift made by budding artists or in a sheltered workplace. Or even better: donate to a good cause and let your customer know. 

Good luck!

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