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Whether it's for online classes, research or simply binging on your favourite series, Internet kot will keep you and your devices online day and night.

Internet Essential

100 GB/month (to be used at home or on Wi-Fi Hotspots)

Max download speed: 50 Mbps

Max upload speed: 4 Mbps

instead of €28 20 /month during 1 year
Installation fee: €59

To order, you must be a student

Unlimited data

Internet Maxi

Unlimited volume (3TB to be used at home or on Wi-Fi Hotspots)

Max download speed: 100 Mbps

Max upload speed: 30 Mbps

instead of €57.99 29 /month during 1 year
Free installation (value €59)

To order, you must be a student


Need more than just internet? Bundle with mobile!

  • Boost your studies with ultra-fast, unlimited internet
  • Enjoy 12GB of mobile data (or more) for seamless connectivity on the go
  • Keep in touch with friends and family with unlimited calls and texts

Why choose an Internet kot subscription at Proximus?

Reliable network

Surf, study and stream stress-free! Our stable network will keep you connected to success.

Surf at full speed

Say goodbye to buffering and sluggish downloads. Our fast network has the speed you need to power through your studies.

Total freedom

No commitments, no distractions! Our non-binding student internet subscriptions give you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your pace.

Questions about Internet for students

All students who subscribe to our Internet kot subscriptions can take advantage of this exclusive promotion, you just need to have a valid student card or a valid student email address.

If you are already a Proximus customer and benefiting from the student promotion, we will contact you by email starting from the end of June to offer you the possibility to extend your promotion. If you are still a student at that time, you can renew it for free up to 3 times. Just make sure to renew it before September 30th of this year to take advantage of it.

You've already got an Internet subscription with Proximus, but you want it in your student digs? It will not be possible online with your student address, but don't worry, you can fill in this webform or head to a Proximus shop with your student card. You can also contact us via chat or call. Check our contact page.

Are you experiencing connection problems with your wi-fi? Your coverage is not at its best or your connection is slow? Don't panic, we're here to help you! Follow these 8 simple tips to improve the quality of your network and take full advantage of your wi-fi in your student dorm.

  1. Put your router in the middle of the room.
  2. Update your firmware.
  3. Use strong passwords to avoid any hacking attempts.
  4. Avoid interference from other devices.
  5. Choose the right channel to transmit your wi-fi signal.
  6. Use a Wi-fi booster if you have a large apartment or live in a shared house.
  7. Keep your router clean of dust.
  8. Disable your unused devices.

Find all the detailed tips to improve the wi-fi at your kot.

Yes, of course! We understand that it can be difficult for international students to register online as they do not have a Belgian phone number. But don't worry– we've got your back! If you're from France, Germany, Luxembourg, or anywhere else, here's how to subscribe to Internet kot:

  • Visit a Proximus store:
    Our in-store team will be happy to help you subscribe to an Internet kot subscription. They will guide you through the process and answer all your questions.
  • Contact us by chat or phone:
    Our customer service is also available to help you subscribe by phone or chat. They will guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

We know that signing up online can be a hassle for international students. But don't worry - we're here to make sure you're connected with awesome dorm wifi!

If you're a student looking to switch to Proximus and enjoy our fast and reliable Internet kot subscriptions, we'll take care of the entire transfer process for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

All Internet and/or TV operators are obliged to provide you with an Easy Switch identifier and customer number for each address on your bill or in your personal space (MyOrange, MyVoo, MyTelenet, etc.).

  1. All you need to do is to communicate this Easy Switch ID and your customer number when you order online
  2. Once everything is set, we'll schedule the installation date for your new Proximus subscription. Our technical team will come to your place to ensure everything is working smoothly and guide you through the network setup.
  3. We'll then take care of the formalities for cancelling your products with your current operator. We'll handle the contract termination, line transfer, and all the administrative procedures.

Once your subscription is activated, you can enjoy your fast and reliable internet connection in your kot, whether it's for studying, researching, or online entertainment. And for an even smoother and faster internet experience, make sure to check the eligibility of your address for fiber connectivity to see if you can already benefit from it.

Don't have an Internet connection anymore? Read on and follow our tips. They will enable you to resolve most problems.

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Promo: From 03/07/2023 through 31/01/2026 upon validation of your student e-mail or on presentation/sending of your student card with a valid card number for the current academic year. The offer is valid provided that the conditions are met, and the Internet is taken in the student's name. The total value of the promotion is €96 (€8/month for 1 year) for Internet Essential and €347.88 (€28.99/month for 1 year) for Internet Maxi, 12-month offer, renewable twice under the same conditions (the student is contacted annually). Free installation (€59) only with Internet Maxi. Not compatible with other promotions. Proximus reserves the right to extend or stop this offer earlier.

The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Fixed Internet volume: For personal use only, in accordance with Proximus' general terms and conditions. If customers use up their 150 GB of data included in the offer, their Internet speed is limited until the first day of the following month, unless they activate an Extra Volume paid option via MyProximus. More information (PDF, 150 Kb).

Unlimited fixed Internet: As from 3 TB, your Internet speed will be reduced until the first day of the following month, unless you activate an Extra Volume (300 GB) option free of charge via MyProximus. More information (PDF, 150 Kb).

Fixed Internet speed: The advertised maximum speed is a theoretical speed. Not all customers can obtain this speed in practice. The download speed in your home mainly depends on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, the availability of VDSL, your computer installation, and the internal cabling. These factors must be optimal to surf the Internet at the maximum speed. Using Wi-Fi can also reduce your Internet speed. Check the speed of your Internet connection in your home.

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