Pickx: adjustment of the conservation period of your recordings!

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You've surely noticed: the way we watch TV changed a lot. We want to watch our favorite programs when it suits us.

Pickx: adjustment of the conservation period of your recordings!

Pickx: update for long-term recordings!

You’ve probably noticed: the way we consume television has changed a lot. Nowadays, we prefer to watch our favorite programs whenever it suits us best.

With TV Replay and our jam-packed Pickx homepage, there’s a whole world of content lying at your fingertips. Live shows, streaming, apps, video on demand – everything your heart desires, all in one and the same, super-convenient place. So why bother recording programs for the long term?

What will change for your recordings? (*)

  • Starting June 11, 2024, we’ll keep your recordings stored for 60 days. That series you wanted to binge-watch. No problem, there two months to get to it!
  • Any recordings you saved before June 11th to keep for a long period? Don’t worry, they’ll remain available until June 30, 2025. Check out the ‘last chance’ section and don’t miss any recordings.
  • More info here

(*) Note: this only applies to older generation TV Boxes.

And why stop there? Proximus is fully embracing technology! So we're transitioning to a brand-new TV platform that's more modern and packs a bunch of possibilities. Imagine: you start recording at home and continue to watch on your phone or tablet, wherever you go. And that whole SD versus HD thing? That’s in the past now. Each channel now only appears once in the TV guide, and you get the best image quality. Always. And there's even more to come...

Enjoy your favorite programs, your way, wherever and whenever you want.

Missed a show? Watch it for free on-demand with TV Replay.

Whether you were busy with the kids’ homework or busy out dancing, you can catch up in no time at all. Watch your shows anytime with Replay.

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