The impact of 5G on gaming

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The impact of 5G on gaming

More live video games, seamless virtual reality applications and lightning fast downloads. That's what 5G can bring to gaming. Extreme speed and minimal latency have an important role to play in the future of gaming. But also in the present.

Since the advent of optical cable, games have become more and more powerful. 5G facilitates the final transfer from consoles and computers to mobile devices. In the very near future, gaming will be easily accessible for anybody with a smartphone.

The speed of 5G does not only allow for a more complex gaming architecture, the cloud also brings about unlimited computing power, storage and data. No longer need for PC on steroids or a fancy game console to play games online, you will be able to stream them on a mobile device.

The 5G technology allows for more devices that are connected at 1GB per second. That’s 10 times faster than current networks. We’ll be needing more and more of such networks with ultra-fast reaction time – and that’s exactly what 5G has to offer. The new technology puts the gaming world at the brink of a total revolution.

The rise of Esports

Online multiplayer competitions have been around for a couple of years, but until recently you needed a desktop computer and/or wifi connection, aside from a stable network, to participate. With 5G at top speed, gamers will enjoy outstanding graphics and minimal latency on their mobile devices. They can participate in tournaments when and wherever they like. Digital technology of this magnitude could be responsible for a huge influx of new gamers, people only need a smartphone to jump right in.

Gaming Smartphones

Mobile phones will be flooded with games, that’s why gamers obsess with the quality of their smartphone. The big brands are picking up on this trend and are releasing more and more 5G gaming smartphones. Gamers, literally, will have everything in hand to crack their high scores.

New gaming platforms

Thanks to 5G and gaming platforms, recent game titles will become more easily accessible. Stadia, for instance, is a platform with a monthly subscription that gives users access to the latest games. Play them on a device of your choice. You no longer need to download and install tens of apps.

Welcome to an alternative reality

5G improves the use of virtual reality in the development of games. The game experience goes way beyond thanks to Google Glass and wearable technology.

Targeted Advertising

With the installment of gaming platforms, we’ll see an increased use of Dynamic in Game Advertising (DiGA). Gamers will have to get used to seeing highly personalized commercial messages in the game. The technology is not new – Obama used this method on Xbox to campaign for the 2008 elections – but, again, 5G makes room for unlimited possibilities. A side-mission in a game, for instance, can turn into a full-blown brand experience. Car manufacturers, for example, would be able to disclose their latest models in the game.

The revolution is coming

Fully developing the role of 5G in the world of gaming is dependent on further investments in the network, political choices and/or other factors. New technology is being picked up faster and easier by large parts of the population, so we might get used to the benefits of 5G gaming quicker than we think.

No, we’re probably not going to meet up in virtual spaces starting from tomorrow, but that future will become a reality thanks to 5G. The question is not if we will live in such a world, but when?

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