Like, share and shop

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Like, share and shop

Now that social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram are also opening up to advertising, we see more and more sales ads appearing. But are those channels interesting for shopkeepers, and how can you best use them?

Hundreds of millions of people use social networks each day so it’s no wonder that those networks and the companies that are on them see an ideal opportunity to sell. Take Pinterest for example, an app that lets you “pin” and share images with others. Last summer they introduced “buyable pins”. Shops and companies can add a “Buy”-button to their pins so viewers can immediately click and buy the product they are viewing. In the meantime, more than 60 million of those “buyable pins” have made it onto Pinterest. 

Click and buy

The major advantage for retailers is the ease with which viewers can shop. One click is all it takes. The barrier between “just looking around” and actually buying something has become very small indeed. A lot of shopkeepers see an influx of new customers who, otherwise, wouldn’t have found them. For the moment most sales are made in clothing and interior decoration, since those are two of the most popular categories on Pinterest. 

Get noticed and use keywords

For commercial parties to get onto their customer’s radar, it’s important to publish interesting and qualitative images that get noticed. Adding keywords is another crucial factor. Based on your own search keywords, Pinterest will offer advice on which related keywords their users most often search.It might also be interesting to use those keywords in your profile name or “board” description as well, instead of just in the “pin” description. 

Other social media 

Pinterest is not the only social network that reaches out to entrepreneurs. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example, have also come up with “Shop” buttons that can be added to posts or tweets.
Instagram has a whole, sophisticated marketingplatform behind their “shop” option, which lets commercial partners automate their marketing process and research interesting data. Big names such as Disney, The Gap and Ben&Jerry’s have launched campaigns of this type, which indicates that the big brands have already discovered this new path to the online shopper.

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