No usage or missing usage in the MyProximus app?

Is incorrect or no usage data displayed in the MyProximus app regarding your calling, texting and surfing usage? Determine which situation applies to you and how to resolve it.

Does your usage appear not to have been registered correctly?

Update the information in My Usage by briefly dragging your screen downwards. The latest available information appears. The update period can be different for your calling, texting or surf usage and is noted in each box.

The usage information is not in real time

Your voice and texting usage is updated every 30 minutes (in some cases, up to 4 hours); information on data usage every 24 hours.


Also bear in mind the following:

  • You see only the data for the SIM card in your mobile device. For the usage of your fixed line or your other mobile devices, go to MyProximus via the website.
  • Mobile payments (like parking tickets via SMS) appear, depending on the external supplier, between 30 minutes and 48 hours after your purchase.
  • If you have free calling, texting or surfing volume, your usage will not be displayed until these free volumes have been used up.
  • Updates of your usage abroad may take anything from 8 hours to 30 days, depending on the foreign operator. If you want to obtain information quickly, activate Daily Travel Passport.

You cannot see any usage data?

  • If you always surf via Wi-Fi, the app cannot show you any results in My Usage. Connect to the mobile network (3G/4G) at least once a month:
    1. Deactivate your Wi-Fi connection. How to do this depends on your device. Mostly you can find this in network settings, where you manage the connections with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc.
    2. Connect your device to the mobile network in the network settings of your device. If you don't succeed, check the Internet settings.
    3. Open the MyProximus app, click on My Usage and update the information by briefly dragging your screen downwards. Your usage will now be displayed.
    4. Reactivate your Wi-Fi connection. Repeat this procedure once a month.
  • If you only surf via Wi-Fi and cannot or do not want to use the mobile network, check your usage via the MyProximus website instead.
  • If you use an iPhone or iPad, the app, instead of displaying your usage data, might ask you to connect to the mobile network (3G/4G) even though you are already connected to it. In that case there is a notification conflict with a data compression app (such as Onavo). Solve this as follows:
    1. On your iPhone or iPad, deactivate the data compression app or remove it, along with the related network profile. If necessary, refer to the user manual of your device.
    2. Restore your network settings. To do so, click on Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings and Confirm.
    3. Turn off your device completely and then turn it on again.
    4. Connect to the mobile network via the network menu of your device. If that doesn't work, check the Internet settings.
    5. Open the MyProximus app, click on My Usage and update the information by swiping down your screen. Your usage is now shown.
    6. Connect to the Wi-Fi network via the network menu of your device. It is possible that you are requested your password. You can now surf via Wi-Fi.

Are you still getting an error message?

Have you have checked your problem against the situations listed above and do you still receive the message "Unable to access the MyProximus service"? Possibly there is a connection problem or an identification problem. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service.

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