Pay in Play Store via Proximus

Do you want to buy apps, games, films, music or books in the Play Store and pay for them with ease with your Pay&Go credit or subscription? Go to the Play Store to make a purchase and activate this payment method. "Pay via my Proximus account" will then automatically appear as your payment method, except when certain limits apply.

Activate "Pay via my Proximus account"

To set this payment method, simply activate your Proximus bill, your Proximus payment statement or your Pay & Go card during a Play Store purchase. Keep your Google account details close at hand. If you’re using a tablet, it must support the text message function.

  1. Open the Play Store and choose the app, game, film, music track or book you want to purchase.
  2. Click the price and, in the case of an app, click Accept.
  3. Click "Activate billing via Proximus". If you don’t see this option, click the arrow next to the name of the app. “Payment Methods” will now open. Next, select "Activate billing via Proximus”.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number, last name and first name. Click Send.
  5. Enter your Google password.
  6. To confirm the activation, you will receive a free text message from the number 8120 and an e-mail from Google Play.
  7. The app, game, film, music track or book you have purchased will now be downloaded and your Proximus bill, Proximus payment statement or Pay&Go card will be activated as the Play Store payment method.

Consult these purchases via MyProximus under Pay-for calls, pay-for text messages and services by third parties.

Does "Pay via my Proximus account" not appear as your payment method?

Have you activated the payment method as described above, but the indication "Pay via my Proximus account" does not appear? Check if any of the following limits apply:

In the above cases, you will need to select a different payment method to be able to continue shopping in the Play Store.

More information about online shopping and payment methods in the Play Store at

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