How do you adjust your limit for mobile payments?

If you regularly use your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet to make mobile payments (for De Lijn tickets via SMS, Play Store apps, etc.), you can adjust your purchasing limit according to your actual usage. Provided that you are customer account administrator you can raise or lower the limit for your own number and all mobile numbers connected to your account. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in and click your mobile number.
  2. On the Mobiles page in the Services section, select Proximus M-Pay using the + sign.
  3. Click Configure. The page containing your M-Pay settings will open.
  4. Under "Monthly maximum amount of your Proximus M Pay purchases", click Modify.
  5. The first time, the General Terms and Conditions of Proximus M Pay will appear. Read and accept them.
  6. Under "Maximum monthly amount of your Proximus M-Pay purchases" choose your personal monthly purchasing limit. If you don’t want to make any more mobile payments in the future, checkmark the option "Modify service: deactivate Proximus M Pay".
  7. Click Set to confirm.

You can change this limit again at any time.

NB: You can consult your history of mobile payments via the MyProximus app (current month) and via the MyProximus website (current month and last 6 months).

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