Why does the first backup take such a long time?

Why does the first backup made with Cloud PC backup take such a long time? Two elements affect the duration of your first backup: the quantity of data to be backed up and the upload speed.

  • The quantity of data to be backed up
    Cloud PC backup automatically determines the files to be backed up using backup sets.
    During your first backup, all the selected files must be copied onto the server. The duration of this first backup depends on the quantity of data selected for the backup.
    All backup services such as Cloud PC backup have the same problem. You can shorten the duration of the first backup by deselecting certain non-critical files for the initial backup using the Cloud PC backup settings, and adding them to your backup later.
    Subsequent backups will only take a few minutes, since only the files that were modified are uploaded to the servers.
  • The upload speed
    Even though Internet connections are much faster today, more and more applications, such as e-mail, use your Internet connection.
    Since many of these tasks require an Internet access, Cloud PC backup gives priority to these programs and uses the remaining bandwidth to send your data to the backup servers. This allows you to continue working on your computer and carry out other tasks, such as sending and receiving e-mails or surfing the Internet.
    Given that a limited amount of bandwidth is available for the Cloud PC backup, the first backup takes longer because of the large quantity of data that has to be sent to the servers.
    All backup services such as Cloud PC backup have this problem.

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