How to order Wanagogo?

Let your children practice French or Dutch with their favourite characters: how to order Wanagogo? Before your children can play games, watch videos or read books, you first need to order Wanagogo..

Once you have ordered, you get instant access to Wanagogo on your TV set. After maximum 24 hours, you can also access the Wanagogo application.

So, how to order Wanagogo?

Order Wanagogo from your TV screen or order it online with your MyProximus account. You can also order per phone or in a point-of-sale.

  • Order Wanagogo via the TV menu
    1. Go to channel 100 and press the red key of your remote control.
    2. Select Wanagogo Pass (to access content on all your devices); or select Je découvre (if your TV menu is in French) or Ik ontdek (if your TV menu is in Dutch) to buy only one video to watch on TV.
    3. Enter your purchasing PIN code (1234 per default unless you have changed your PIN codes for Proximus TV).
    4. Click Confirmer (or Bevestigen). You see a screen confirming that the option has been activated.
  • Order Wanagogo via MyProximus
    1. Log in to view your products. Once you have logged in, you arrive on the My products tab.
    2. You see the products linked to your customer account: Internet, TV, etc. In the TV part, click the phone number that appears next to Proximus TV.
    3. In the box Kids, click Available.
    4. Select the Wanagogo option and click Order. You will receive an e-mail confirming that the option has been activated.
  • Order Wanagogo per telephone or in a point-of-sale

    Call us or find a point-of-sale near you. You receive a document confirming that the option has been activated.

Now you have ordered, what happens?

  • Just after your order, you can access Wanagogo on your TV screen.
  • After max. 24 h, you can access the Wanagogo application too.

See how to use Wanagogo on your television or via the application.

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