Change the language of the Proximus TV menus

Change the language of the decoder: you can choose to see your Proximus TV menus in French or Dutch, but not in English or German.

  1. Press the menu key and select:
    • in French: Paramètres > Mes préférences > Langue (or Mon compte > Paramètres > Réglage du système > Langue du menu, depending on your TV menu).
    • in Dutch: Instellingen > Mijn voorkeur > Taal (or Mijn account > Instellingen > Systeeminstellingen > Taal, depending on your TV menu).
  2. Select the language you want (French or Dutch) and select Valider (or Bevestigen) to save the changes.

You have just changed the language of the Proximus TV menu. The change is immediate, so you don't have to restart your television or your decoder.

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