No access to Premium Club

To exchange or transfer points, track orders or manage your contact details via MyProximus Premium Club, you must be the account manager of your MyProximus account.

The account manager is the person who manages the customer number that is linked to your MyProximus account. He has the same rights as a normal user, but in addition he – and only he – has access to specific applications that allow him to view bills, change rate plans, activate a rate option or trade in points. There can only be one account manager per customer number. So if you share a customer number with others, bear in mind that only the account manager of the customer number has the right to exchange or transfer jointly acquired Premium Club points, track orders, etc.

You can have yourself registered as account manager of your MyProximus account whenever you want if you are in possession of the required billing data. There are various ways in which to find these details. If you do not yet have a MyProximus login or password, you will need to register first.

Once you are the administrator of the customer number, you immediately have access to My Premium Club. Should you have any questions about this, please call 0800 55 800 (choose the option Premium Club).

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