Unlink a device from Cloud

There are two ways in which to unlink your mobiles, tablets or computers from Cloud: one device after another or all at the same time. Depending on your choice, your saved files will either remain stored in the cloud or not.

You can only unlink your devices via the Cloud application on your PC or Mac or if you consult Cloud via the Internet.

  • Unlinking one device after another

    1. In the menu on the start screen of the Cloud application, select the device you wish to remove.
    2. Click the More button.
    3. Next, click Remove peripherals.
    4. Checkmark the box in the confirmation window and select OK to permanently remove the device.
  • Unlinking all your devices at the same time
    All files that have been saved in the cloud will simply remain there.
    1. On the start screen of the Cloud application, click User profile .
    2. Next, click Unlink all your devices.
    3. You have now unlinked all your devices. To relink a device to your Cloud account again, simply log back in via the Cloud application which is installed on that device.

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