Dispute an amount and follow up your complaint

If you do not agree with a given amount on your bill or payement statement, you can submit and follow up an objection via MyProximus. For as long as your file is being processed, you don’t need to pay the contested amount, except in the case of Services provided by third parties or Mobile payments.

If you have only mobile numbers (and no other subscription) on your bill, it is not yet possible to dispute your bill online.
In that case, please contact our Customer Service.

How to dispute an amount online?

  1. Log in to MyProximus and select your Pack, Internet, TV or fixed line.
  2. Click the reference of the payment statement or the bill you want to dispute.
  3. Select Dispute an amount in the Options box.
  4. Click on the different items (subscription, usage, one-time costs, etc.) until you see the amounts in detail. Then click on the Dispute link beside the amount you do not agree with.
  5. Each amount that you dispute will immediately appear at the top in the Submit an objection box. In this box click on Next step.
  6. Enter the disputed amount for each item. This is what you believe to be the overcharged amount. If, say, you believe that the billed amount should be €30.45 instead of €35.45, type in €5.00.
  7. Check your contact details. By default, we will inform you by e-mail about your file. If you would also like to be updated by SMS, checkmark the appropriate box and enter your mobile phone number.
  8. Finally, click on Continue at the bottom of the page. Your objection has now been submitted.

How to follow up an objection online?

Besides the information you receive from us by e-mail and/or SMS, you can follow up the status of your file at any time online.

Log in to MyProximus and under My current complaints, view the details of your objection (reference, date of receipt, status of the file). You can consult this information up to three months after your file has been closed.

Do you need to pay the disputed amount?

If your objection relates to an outstanding bill, you only need to pay the non-disputed amount (except for disputes relating to Services provided by third parties - Mobile payments). If your objection is found to be justified, you will receive a credit note and you won't have to do anything else. In all other cases, you will receive a message that you will need to pay the contested amount.

NB: Do you normally pay by direct debit and has the bill in question not yet been submitted to your bank for payment? If you have an Internet, TV, fixed line subscription on your bill, you can indicate online that you wish to pay the non-disputed amount by bank transfer and block the direct debit for the related bill. In all other cases you will need to contact our Customer Service or, if the payment order has already been submitted, your bank.

If your objection relates to a bill that has already been paid, and if your objection is found to be justified, you will receive a credit note, whose total will be deducted from your next bill.

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