Cyber Security Convention

Cyber Security Convention

Op donderdag 20 oktober 2016 bent u van harte welkom op de vierde editie van de Cyber Security Convention. Samen met onze strategische security-partners ontvangen we u in de Proximus Lounge in Evere.

Proximus Lounge, Evere


Waarom u de Cyber Security Convention niet mag missen!

  1. Ontdek hoe CISO’s uit verschillende sectoren security beleven, leer van CERT.EU en veel meer tijdens de plenaire sessie
  2. Stel uw persoonlijk namiddagprogramma samen met verschillende workshops
  3. Laat u inspireren door de partnerzone met standen en demo's
  4. Netwerk en wissel ervaringen uit met beveiligingsexperten en -leveranciers.



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Plenaire sessie

Christophe Crous, Head of Security Solutions, Proximus

Defending the enterprise – How Cisco protects itself
Paul King, Director, Cyber Intelligence Security &Trust Organization, Cisco

The state of security
Freddy Dezeure, CERT.EU

CISO meets CISO panel debate
Fabrice Clément (Proximus) - Stefan Van Gansbeke (CM-MC) - Frédéric Ruelle (SPF Affaires Etrangères/FOD Buitenlandse Zaken) – Ian West (NATO Communications and Information Agency)

Cooking cybersecurity: why we all need new recipes to be successful
Olivier Ménil, Business Development Manager, Proximus


Lunch in de partnerzone


Workshops: Trends

The impact of regulations: are you ready?

Today, information processing is more than ever subject to an increasing number of changing laws and regulations. Get an introduction to GDPR and learn how Proximus Information Security Consulting Team can help you to create or review your organization’s general security policies, Business Continuity Plan and deliver Security Officer Profiles.

The mobile workplace: have you protected your most used devices?

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This might actually be the case for many of your employees’ smartphones, since hackers focus more and more on mobile devices. Learn with Check Point and Proximus how to easily protect your company against mobile threats.

Do you sleep at night?  In the Proximus SOC, we never do!

Is your organization capable of monitoring its complete security infrastructure and to properly handle a security incident? Learn how Proximus managed security services and cybersecurity incident response services can give you peace of mind.




Workshops: Threats

Social engineering & ransomware: are you the next victim?

In recent years there has been a surge in a disruptive family of malware known as ransomware, which operates by locking a victim’s data or machine and then demands a ransom be paid to restore it. Learn with Palo Alto and Proximus how ransomware operates and the means to mitigate its effects.

Still growing and evolving: distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency and complexity. Are you prepared to stop them before they impact the availability of your business? Learn how Proximus and Arbor can help you to ensure your business continuity with on premise, in the cloud or hybrid solutions.

Exploitation of privileged accounts.

Privileged accounts are exploited in virtually every advanced targeted attack. Learn how Proximus and CyberArk’s privileged account security is a critical component of a layered defense against advanced insider and external threats.




Workshops: Business

The colliding of IT and OT: how to design an adequate security framework?

PLC- and OT systems, sometimes managed by a SCADA platform, are implemented in numerous organizations and sectors. Understanding the risks and impact on your business is vital for your brand and business continuity. Starting from real use cases, the experts of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Proximus will bring an approach that renders your production environment more safe by investing in security only there where needed.

Security in a (e-) commerce environment: how to ensure secure shopping?

As your data represents your strategy, processes, customers, suppliers, inventory, financial position, etc., secure shopping means secure data. Proximus’ and F5’s security experts will share best practices on how to protect your (customer) data, your website, your guest Wi-Fi, your devices and your network. Agora will share with you how they secure their business.

The extended enterprise: how to protect your stretched enterprise environment?

Today the enterprise perimeter has stretched so far that it’s no longer recognizable. Learn how Proximus and Fortinet can help you deploy intelligent defense and maintain centralized visibility and control of your network.


Cocktail & networking in de partnerzone