Laptop & tablet

Choose your Mobile Internet subscription

Do you surf 1 or 2 days a month with your laptop?

Activate Mobile Internet Daily for €4.99 /month + €1/surfing day and receive 1 GB per month to surf (€0.03/extra MB).


What do you need to surf on the move? 
  • A tablet or laptop
  • A 3G or 4G USB modem (if your laptop doesn’t contain an integrated modem)
  • A Mobile Internet price plan
  • A SIM card (which we send free of charge when you order online) 
Used more than the volume included in your subscription?

Your surfing speed is limited (to 128 kbps) to avoid high bills. Contact our customer service to lift this speed limit.


Choose your Mobile Internet subscription

  • Do you have an iPad4 or iPad mini? Surf up to 10 times faster via 4G, the superfast network of Proximus.
  • To surf on the move, you need an iPad and a Mobile Internet price plan. Depending on your device, you will need a micro-SIM or a nano-SIM. We send you this SIM card free of charge when you order online


Stay connected at all times

You can access the Internet and your e-mails at all times. That way, you stay in contact all day long with your friends, colleagues and family.

More and always more Internet

Receive free mobile Internet with your Internet subscription! Better to enjoy it, isn’t it ? If it’s always not enough, let’s see our advantageous rates.

Already customer?

You want to change my Mobile Internet subscription

You want to update your Mobile Internet subscription? Go to MyProximus and update your price plan free of charge.

You want to swap my SIM card

Your current SIM card is compatible with any tablet or laptop. Does your tablet or iPad require a micro-SIM or nano-SIM card?
You can exchange your current SIM card free of charge in a point-of-sale near you.

You want to reload my Pay&Surf card

Out of surfing credit? You can reload online for a minimum of €10. If you reload for at least €15 within 30 days following your previous reload, you will receive a nice bonus as well:

  • €10 = 500 MB + 250MB for free
  • €15 = 750 MB + 375 MB for free
  • €25 = 1250 MB + 625 MB for free
  • €50 = 2500 MB + 1250 MB for free.
You want to keep my usage under control

Keep an eye on your usage via text message and avoid unpleasant surprises on your bill. You can also check your Mobile Internet usage via MyProximus.

You want to surf abroad
You want more volume on top of my Internet Everywhere subscription
You want to enjoy the 4G network with my subscription

To enjoy 4G, you only need to be in a zone with 4G network coverage and have a compatible device.



1. Valid for 31 days following your first usage.

General Conditions
  • All prices include VAT and valid for national use only. The rates are charged per 1 kB. (except for iPad).
  • To make use of the Proximus 4G network you need a compatible device.
  • 4G is available in a quite a number of Belgian cities (consult the network coverage map on www.proximus.be/4G). Access to the 4G network is included in all Proximus rate plans, except Mobile Internet Comfort 15h, Evening&Week-end en Free Week-end . All customers benefit from a speed of up to 50 Mbps. Customers with a Generation Connect, Proximus Smart+ 45, 50, 55, 65, 75 or 90, Bizz Smart XL40, 75, 100, Intense, Europe or the Mobile Internet options (Comfort, Favorite, Favorite for iPad and Pro) benefit from an ultra-fast connection of up to 129 Mbps. If you have a rate plan in which data is not included, you pay per MB of mobile Internet used.
  • Mobile Internet Daily: a usage day starts at 00h00 and ends at 23h59.
  • Pay&Surf: the €10-data SIM card allows you to surf on your tablet or laptop, not to make calls. If you use this data SIM card to send text messages online, these messages will be invoiced (at €0.15/message in Belgium). The card is valid for 12 months until the first top-up and the validity is prolonged with 12 months after each top-up. The included volume is valid during 31 days and is only valid in Belgium. Your reload bonus remains valid until the next top-up (or maximum 31 days). You can surf with your card during 31 days and afterwards only reload your card when you need it again (up to 12 months later).
  • Mobile Internet Favorite For iPad: you can use the included volume 24/7 until you reach 3 GB. In case you use more, the connection will not be cut but Proximus will reduce the maximum speed to 128 Kbps.
  • Mobile Internet Pay&Surf For iPad: this prepaid card is only valid in Belgium. The €10 data micro-SIM card allows you to surf on your iPad, not to make calls. If you use this data micro-SIM card to send text messages online, these messages will be invoiced (€0.15/SMS). Surf during 1 month with a maximum download volume of 500 MB.Receive additional volume for each reload of at least €15 within 31 days following the previous reload. This volume remains valid until the next top-up (or maximum 31 days).
  • Because your iPad is always connected to the internet, we strongly recommend choosing a compatible price plan. When going abroad, choose a volume-based price plan instead of a time-based price plan to keep your bill under control.
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  • iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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