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Quality in the spotlight

This summer, we have shown that we’re always close thanks to our network. We certainly don’t keep you waiting: you needed a supersonic fast upload of your craziest festival pics and videos on your mobile, to send them to your best friends. Or to consult your own network when needing some urgent advice.

You don't have Proximus Mobile yet? You can to take full advantage of the network for as little as €13 per month.

Service quality

At proximus, we aim every day to improve the quality of our services

Our experts at your service

You can count on our experts when you need help. There are different ways you can contact our services: call, e-mail, chat, social media,… .
You have a technical question? Our operators are available until 22:00, even on Sundays. In case of issues with Proximus TV you can call them until midnight!
We also provide technical support at your home. Our technicians can come by, even on Saturdays.
Of course you can always visit one of our 1000 shops.


Managing your account is easy: it’s accessible at all times with MyProximus. Keep an eye on your usage and access your services.

Access to technologies

Thanks to the Web Experts and free trainings via Smart Café, all our customers can fully benefit from new technologies.

Network quality

An ultra-powerful mobile network guaranteed. Want an example? With 4G you download your photos and videos more than 20% faster than with other operators.

Super-fast and unlimited Internet in your home, and Internet access elsewhere thanks to the 1 million Wi-Fi Hotspots in Belgium and 13 million worldwide.

Every year, we boost our network at more than 200 events. This summer, too, a huge number of you benefited from this; view here the usage at the largest summer festivals.

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