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Surf, stream and game at lightning speed

Advantages of fiber

Download 1 movie (2000MB) in 1.12 min. Download a song of Stromae in 0.36 sec.

Download 1 movie (2000MB) in 1.12 min. Download a song of Stromae in 0.36 sec.

This is it, we’re starting with optical fiber in Belgium!

Proximus has been a pioneer in optical fiber for many years. We already provide high-speed optical fiber in zonings and will now also install it in homes: in new and recent constructions as well as in existing residential areas.

Fiber in existing houses

We're already rolling out optical fiber at high speed in the streets and, for all those who want it, we'll also install optical fiber in their home. It's completely free of charge and comes without any obligation to purchase fiber products, whether you’re a customer of ours or not.
All residents of the areas in which we’ll be installing fiber will be contacted personally.

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Why should I get fiber?

With fiber, you can surf, stream and game at lightning speed! In other words, everyone at home surfs faster than ever, with the clearest image on every screen. Even if you're all surfing at the same time, you won't experience the least interruption. What's more, your home will be worth more with a fiber connection and will be totally ready for the future!

Is a fiber connection really free of charge?

Yes, you don't pay anything for your fiber connection. During the works in your neighborhood, the installation is free of charge, whether you're a Proximus customer or not. What's more, you're not obliged to purchase services from us afterwards, but have the widest possible telecom choice for the future. We offer services on the fiber network but so do other operators who use our network.