The new Cloud

The new Cloud

As from 7 December, your Proximus Cloud will be updated with new features, a simpler, even more attractive interface, a complete overview of your account, and much more. Any questions? Read on.

When will the old Proximus Cloud be migrated to the new one? What do I need to do?

The migration of the old version of the Cloud to the new one will start on Wednesday 7 December 2016 and end on 31 December 2016. 

If you access the Cloud via the app (the mobile app on your smartphone/tablet or the desktop app on your computer): as from 7 December you will receive a notification via your app and/or the Store inviting you to perform an update. All your data were migrated in advance by us.

If you have access to the Cloud via www.belgacomcloud.be: from now on, simply connect via www.proximuscloud.be. You will have access to the old version on www.belgacomcloud.be until the end of 2016 (but won't be able to change or delete your files).

What are the new features of Proximus Cloud?
  • You have access to a simplified, up-to-date interface with a complete overview of your account.

cloud desktop

  • You receive the latest notifications directly via the mobile app.
  • Tags allow you to add information to your files so you can classify them or find them more easily. You can now arrange your photos by chronological order, or in other ways.
  • The "smart folder" automatically classifies your photos according to the place or time the shot was taken. The presentation is also more adapted to your needs.

  • As for file sharing, you have several possibilities:
    • sharing a link with your contacts via e-mail, directly from the app;
    • public sharing, e.g. on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +);
    • sending an attachment to your contacts via e-mail, directly from the app;
    • sharing files with family, friends, etc. via your "shared folders".
  • Proximus Cloud has become a real music player, allowing you to create playlists according to your preferences (artists, genres, etc.).
  • If you have saved several devices, they are now presented in the form of folders and not as devices (the folder will bear the name of the device).
  • Synchronization allows you to access your files anywhere and update them in real time. The backup function allows you to keep your files, since they are updated but not deleted if they disappear from the source.
  • The new Proximus Cloud has many other features which you can discover at your convenience.
Which features will disappear?
  • It is no longer possible to view Dropbox, Picasa or Facebook files via the app.
  • With the desktop app (on your computer) you can no longer view files, but you can configure, sync and download them from and to the Cloud.
What happens if you don't update the Proximus Cloud app?

If you access the Cloud via the mobile app (with your smartphone/tablet): after 7 December 2016, if you haven't updated your mobile app, the content will be inaccessible. But don't worry, it won't be lost. You just have to perform the update to access it again. For this, visit the Store or your MyProximus account.

If you access the cloud via the desktop app (with your computer): after 7 December 2016, if you haven't updated your desktop app, its content will be in "read only" mode until the end of 2016. From 2017, its content will be inaccessible. But don't worry, it won't be lost. You just have to perform the update for the "edit" mode to become available again. For this, go to your MyProximus account or on www.proximuscloud.be.

Have files disappeared from your Cloud?

After the migration from the old Cloud to the new one, i.e. 7 December 2016, you may not immediately find certain documents, photos, or videos in your storage space.

There may be different reasons for this.

  • You can't find certain files which you recently added to the old Cloud? These files are automatically copied to the new version, but this can take a while. So it's no use uploading those files again.
  • In the new Cloud, you will no longer be able to consult files stored on Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa, etc. These files will remain available on their original platforms, of course.
  • Files which were in the trash or in quarantine will not be migrated to the new Cloud. This also applies to older versions of documents saved using the "version" function. You can still consult these files, however, and download them if necessary via www.belgacomcloud.be until 31 December 2016. After that, the files will disappear definitively.
  • In the new Cloud, video files are available in the Photos folder. You can use filters to display only video files.
  • "Photo Collections" are now called "Photo Albums" and are available in the Photos folder.
  • "Music Collections" are now called "Playlists" and are available in the Music folder.
  • Files which you shared via Groupspace are available in the Groupspace folder of the new Cloud. After the migration, each user of the group will have a version of the files, but they will no longer be shared. The same applies to documents of which you are the owner. What if another user has also shared files with you and wishes to continue doing so? He or she will then need to ask you, the owner, for access again.
You are having problems connecting...

In the e-mail or letter you received about the new Proximus Cloud, we informed you that to connect to the new version you would need to use your MyProximus login and password. Your old codes have been deactivated. Forgotten your MyProximus access codes? No problem, click here to recover them.

Is there still a limit on the size of files?
  • The maximum size for downloading a video to the Cloud is 500 MB via your browser and 20 GB via the mobile app (on your smartphone/tablet) or the desktop app (on your computer).
  • Videos of over 350 MB cannot be viewed online. They must be downloaded locally to be viewed.
  • The number of contacts is limited to 5,000. If there were more at the time of the migration to the new Cloud, only the first 5,000 will be visible, but all the contacts will be saved. Our teams are on hand to assist you if you have any questions about this limit.
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