Watch these titles now on Netflix!

Watch these titles now on Netflix!

The best series and movies

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Proximus TV for unlimited series and movies.

Adults, teens, kids – there's something for everyone in the Netflix offering, with exclusive series and movies you can't find anywhere else.

Directly on Proximus TV!

Netflix is currently available in certain countries. To use the streaming service, you need to create an account. More info on www.netflix.com

Why Netflix?

We give you 4 good reasons

Netflix series on Proximus TV decoder
Directly on your TV

Easy, via your decoder. You don’t need Apple TV or Chromecast!

Netflix series on Proximus TV decoder
Something for everyone

Adults, teenagers, and children will all find something they like, with series and movies.

Netflix series on Proximus TV decoder
No commitment

Cancel your membership any time.

Netflix series on Proximus TV decoder
Maximum flexibility

Quickly switch from one device to another.

3 months Netflix as a gift

with Tuttimus and Familus

Opt for TV in a Tuttimus or Familus and benefit from 3 months of Netflix offered, next to an extra tv bundle and many more advantages!

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Exclusive: Netflix on your TV!

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When Queen Elizabeth II was a child she never dreamed of becoming Queen. Especially in such a turbulent period.

Watch The Crown on Netflix with Tuttimus

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House of cards

A ruthless Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people and to conquer Washington D.C.. This political drama series has been rewarded with an Emmy and Golden Globe award!

Watch House of Cards on Netflix with Tuttimus

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When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix with Tuttimus

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The Netflix experience, on Proximus TV

What does Netflix offer, how can you watch Netflix on your Proximus TV? Watch the video and discover it all. Soon you can watch high quality series and movies, a much as you want, on your big screen.

In short: 1 account to watch Netflix on all your screens!

With your personal account, you can connect to Netflix wherever you are:

  • At home, on your Proximus TV using your decoder
  • On your computer using the site www.netflix.com
  • On your tablet, iPad or smartphone with the Netflix application

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Promotional conditions

Free Netflix for 3 months: offer valid from 17/10/2016 through 31/12/2016 for all customers who subscribe to a Familus or Tuttimus Pack. Eligible customers will receive their Netflix gift code within 10 business days of subscribing, by e-mail, letter or text message (depending on the contact details we have). The Netflix gift code is activated on www.netflix.com/promo. Only one code will be provided per customer. The Netflix gift codes expire on 15/02/2017.

The offer has a cash value of €29.97, which corresponds to 3 months of the "2 stream Netflix" service (Netflix on two screens). You can apply the value of the offer to a different plan, or other services offered by Netflix. Exchanges of this kind may alter the duration of the offer. With the exception of the above-mentioned exchange, the offer cannot be exchanged (e.g. for Netflix gift subscriptions). The offer cannot be reimbursed and is subject to the existing legislation. The Netflix service price plans are subject to change. If the price plan of the Netflix service should change before you use your gift code, while this offer is valid, you will be entitled to the equivalent total value for the new price plan. Valid for the full term of the contract between Netflix and Proximus, and subject to changes imposed by Netflix.

For more details, surf to www.netflix.com/termofuse.
Proximus makes Netflix available, not just via the Proximus TV decoder, but also on a computer and other devices connected to the Internet. To watch Netflix on Proximus TV, customers must have an Internet subscription and TV subscription from Proximus.

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