MyProximus website

MyProximus website

MyProximus Advantages

Through the MyProximus website, access a multitude of services and features that make your life easier.

  • View your invoice and usage online.
  • Create your Wi-Fi Hotspot account and surf for free via one of the 930,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots in Belgium and 13,000,000 worldwide.
  • Manage your phone, mobile phone, Internet, TV and Cloud subscriptions: add options, manage your passwords, retrieve the PUK code of your mobile phone or reload your Pay&Go card online.
  • Save points and exchange them for fun gifts with Premium Club.
  • Get help for your products, test the status of your fixed line and the network.
  • Get personal advice based on your usage, to better enjoy your subscriptions and Proximus services.
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I opt for an electronic bill

I would like to receive an electronic bill

Nearly a million Proximus customers can’t be wrong, opt for e-billing. It’s good for the environment! Choose via MyProximus how you want to receive your monthly bill:

  • By e-mail: MyProximus sends you an e-mail with the bill attached to it.
  • E-mail + text message: Your bill will be sent by e-mail and you got a text message.
  • In your PC Banking via Zoomit: activate Zoomit and receive and pay your bill immediately in your web banking. You also receive an e-mail from Zoomit for each new bill. Zoomit is also available for business customers.

Download your bill and store it digitally, consult your bills of the last 6 months online and pay in a secure environment. Payment reminders are still sent on paper.

The MyProximus advantages

Proximus supports “Kids for a GoodPlanet”

Thanks to the savings realized by electronic bills, Proximus supports “Kids for a GoodPlanet” and enables schools to participate free of charge at a Nature Awareness Animation. During half a day, these children are totally immersed in the forest so they can explore and discover the wonderful world of nature.

The MyProximus advantages


The MyProximus advantages

Register for MyProximus? That’s a child’s play!

Registering for MyProximus is very easy. You simply need your mobile phone or a recent bill (maximum 4 months old).


One key to open all doors at Proximus: your MyProximus login and password!

In your daily life, you already have to memorize quite a number of codes, logins and passwords. Proximus makes this easier for you with Connect! With Connect, your MyProximus login and password become the key to use several Proximus services:

Use your usual MyProximus data and you immediately know what is happening at home or access your Cloud.
Easy, fast and everything stays close, secured by 1 unique key!

You don’t have a MyProximus account yet? Create one now and benefit from all the advantages.

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