The strongest all-in for everyone

to surf, watch TV and call unlimited fixed and mobile

Tuttimus, a world of possibilities

Everyone gets loads of mobile data

And unlimited Internet at home!

You choose how large everyone's share of mobile data is. After all, data usage is individual.

And as for Internet at home: no stress! You can surf at lightning speed to your heart's content.

Tuttimus, a world of possibilities

Everyone gets a favorite TV bundle plus Netflix

Movies, series, sports, something for the kids? It's up to you!

One free blockbuster and TV bundle of your choice, so you can stretch out on your sofa and make the most of the longer evenings.

But that's not all: you also receive 3 months of Netflix for free!

Tuttimus, a world of possibilities

Everyone gets unlimited use of a favorite app

And you get to choose the app.

Because some apps use up a lot of your mobile data bundle.

So you can free up more data for YouTube or Spotify, for example. Ka-ching!

Tuttimus, a world of possibilities

Everyone calls without counting (mobile and fixed)

So you can talk longer, without extra costs.

In the evening or weekend, call your sweetheart or mum and talk as long as you like, free of charge. Even if they're abroad.

And within your Tuttimus Pack, you can call each other anytime for free, on a fixed or mobile phone.

Tuttimus, the all-in for everyone

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