FOX - The Best. First.

As one of the world's biggest broadcasting companies, FOX is synonymous for top-quality fiction.

And what's really great is that you can now watch these top series almost immediately after their release in the US.

You can now watch FOX via the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


The Walking Dead

Season 7: starting 24 October, every Monday at 22:30

After the destructive worldwide zombie apocalypse, the hardships for Nick, Daryl and co are far from over. All the more so as they have to deal with the shenanigans of the evil Negan. Viewers can look forward to another tough battle. Physically and mentally. 

Are you fond of horror with an eerie touch of suspense? Then you won’t be disappointed by season 7 of this highly acclaimed series.

You can now watch The Walking Dead on FOX in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle

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Season 3: from 20 September, every Tuesday at 22:30

A hip-hop mogul, whose days are numbered, must hand over his empire to one of his three sons. This is the starting point of this hip-hop soap opera. With a cool soundtrack by Timbaland and great guest appearances by Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg.

In the new third season, we finally learn how mogul Lucious and his ex, Cookie, got to know each other.

You can now watch Empire on FOX in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


Totally obsessed, with all that this entails.

Kyle Barnes is a young man who is plagued by demonic possession. He wants to lead a quieter life, but that proves harder than it seems. When he starts looking for answers about his obsession, he comes across a secret that may lead to the end of the planet...

Outcast is from the same makers as The Walking Dead. But it is by no means a watered-down version. Both in the first and the second season, this captivating horror series has quite a few surprising mysteries in store.

You can now watch Outcast on FOX in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


Every Wednesday at 22:30

This series is focused on country legend Rayna James. The world is at her feet and she seems to be destined for eternal fame. However, her popularity has recently been waning. Although fans continue to clamor for her autograph, concert halls are no longer filled to capacity, and the heydays seem to be over. Intrigue, diva attitudes and unadulterated drama, this successful series has it all.

And, of course, the country music in Nashville is beautiful and sung by the cast!

You can now watch Nashville on FOX in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


Every Saturday at 20:15

The Farrell clan is a family of outsiders who rule over the rough, inhospitable hills of the American Appalachia. On their lonely hilltop they live their lives their own way: a spartan existence and below the radar of society. And they're doing everything to keep it that way.

In their battle for power and control, they avail themselves of all means available, both within and outside the law.

You can now watch FOX via the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle

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