A 360° security approach

Why cyber security?

  • In order for your infrastructure to comply with the rules and regulations of the EU on personal information protection
  • Because new technologies are linked to new vulnerabilities
Secure your network
Firewalls & Web protection

Firewall and Unified threat protection (UTM): with a single appliance you have access to multiple security functions

(Cloud) Web security: react in real time in case of an intrusion

Access protection

Network access control (NAC): automate access to your network on the basis of the users’ and/or devices’ identity

SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN): get control of users who access your company’s resources from several sites

Advanced protection

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): monitor your network activity, applications and users

(Explore) DDoS protection: protect your organization against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks paralyzing your website

DNS security: domain name (DNS), addressing (DHCP) and IPAM (IP address management) solutions

SSL encrypted traffic: provide visibility into encrypted traffic and offer decryption of your network traffic

Secure your data
Data and application protection

Data leakage prevention: prevent any disclosures of information

Web application firewalls (WAFs): identify and ward off attacks

(Cloud) E-mail protection

Ensure from total outsourced protection against spam and viruses

Identity and access management

(Cloud) Strong authentication: your employees access your company’s network by means of an identifier and a one-time password

Privileged account security: detect and respond to in-progress cyber attacks

Secure your endpoints

Mobile Internet Protection

Mobile Internet Protection

Protect your mobile Internet traffic over 2G/3G/4G.

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Endpoints protection

Endpoints protection

Protect your desktops, laptops and smartphones.

Endpoints protection

Server protection

Protect your (virtual) datacenters and your cloud services.

Our solutions

Internet Access Street (IAS)

Internet Access Street (IAS)

Solution designed around a three-layer model:

  • Layer 1: a connectivity (SSL-VPN, IP-SEC, etc.)
  • Layer 2: reduction of risks
  • Layer 3: management, monitoring and reporting of the IAS
Safe cities
Secure private cloud

Hybrid cloud links your onsite infrastructure to your infrastructure in the cloud and allows you to perfectly balance your workload between your onsite infrastructure and the cloud.

Our services

Managed services
Proximus Remote Managed Security Services
  • 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC)
  • Manage incidents
  • Intervene remotely
  • Ensure uninterrupted security
  • Conduct a detailed security analysis
Proximus Advanced Managed Security Services

Network security forensics: all network communications are logged and analyzed in real time

Vulnerability Assessment Management (VAM) as a Sevice: scan your network and assess all existing vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are ranked on urgency and enriched with remediation information

Cyber Security Incident Response Services (CSIRS)

Under the lead of our CSIRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team), we help you to adequately prepare for and cope with cybersecurity incidents.  We offer the following services:

  • Breach investigation
  • Incident response readiness
  • Network traffic forensics
Consultancy (audit & testing)
  • Information security consultancy: we evaluate your security reports on a regular basis and advise you on how to improve the security level of your infrastructure on a strategic, tactical and technological level.
  • Assist and care
  • Security audit: a technical evaluation of your security systems and applications.
  • Technical and business vulnerability assessment: by means of simulated attacks, we can determine the potential of these attacks and the impact on your business activities.

Training given at the Proximus ICT Academy.

We help you meet your cybersecurity challenge with different courses explaining either the basics of internet security or more advanced trainings on hacking, pentesting, wi-fi, ...

Partners and communities

  • We are co-founder of the Cyber Security Coalition
  • We exchange peer cyber security intelligence with ETIS, CERT.be, Febelfin, L-SEC, Beltug,etc.
  • We cooperate with Child Focus and Microsoftfor safer Internet
  • We are co-founder of the Cyber Security Coalition
  • We exchange peer cyber security intelligence with ETIS, CERT.be, Febelfin, L-SEC, Beltug,etc.
  • We cooperate with Child Focus and Microsoftfor safer Internet

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