Packs for Employees

The best gift for your employees

Opt for an Internet Maxi subcription for your employees, possibly combined with a fixes telephone line. 


Opt to provide your employees with a fixed amount per month (between €20 and €45).


  • Tax advantages for you and your employees
  • Alternative remuneration without increasing the average wage costs
  • More flexibility thanks to mobile working or homeworking
  • Extendable with fixed telephony, television and mobile telephony
  • Free installation and free Norton Multi Security

Fiscally advantageous

Offering Internet to your employees costs you much less than a standard pay rise. We have simulated a comparison between Internet Maxi and a standard pay rise of roughly the same amount on an annual basis.

Prices excl. VAT

In detail
  • If the employee opts for an Internet connection or Pack whose price is higher than the employer's contribution, the employee will be charged the difference.
  • Private Internet is considered a tax benefit in kind for which the employee has to pay €60 per year.

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