Optical fiber

Optical fiber

Ready for the future!

The way in which you communicate with your customers and colleagues is changing completely

The way in which you communicate with your customers and colleagues is changing completely

  • Applications such as Skype are making their entry in your customer service.
  • The volume of data and the speed with which they can be exchanged are increasing all the time.
  • Machines must communicate with each other without interruption.
optical fiber

Optical fiber offers the stability, bandwidth and speed that your business needs.

Optical fiber


Optical fiber offers you:

  • A single investment that grows with your company.
  • Very large bandwidth for network access to your company for employees working remotely.
  • A single connectivity line for several applications.
  • Speed of light for real-time functioning e-commerce and online payments.
  • Very high upload and download speeds for a perfect experience of your multimedia applications such as Skype.
  • A fast, constant and stable connection, regardless of the number of simultaneous users.
Optical fiber offers you
We bring you the best experience through:
  • An extensive team of optical fiber specialists who are always ready to help and guide you through every step of your project, from purchase to aftersales service.
  • Our own optical fiber network throughout Belgium and partnerships with foreign optical fiber operators internationally.
  • A single partner for all your telecom and IT projects: from an Internet connection to the management of a complex IT network, with voice and data integration.


Opt for connectivity based on optical fiber


Proximus Explore offers you a private network on optical fiber.


With Internet Pro Fiber you enjoy a faultless Internet connection with optical fiber as the underlying technology.

Is there optical fiber on your doorstep?

This map shows the 700 business parks

Fiber is already available in more than 80% of business parks and an increasing number of streets in your neighborhood.

To find out in which streets optical fiber is available or to pull fiber up to your doorstep, send an e-mail to the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Customer stories


One investment now to support new models in the future.


Real-time information for customers.


Rochefort brewery’s employees can control different remote machines.

Martin's Hotel

A fast reservation system and a fast guest wifi on the same connectivity line.


Access to the training applications from anywhere on the Internet.


More flexibility because the fiber connection is always on.


VPK Packaging Group use fiber to support their centralised ICT model.


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  • Would you like more information about connectivity or our telecommunication and IT services tailored to your activities? We would be happy to pay you a visit.
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