Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro)

Improve your mobile connection at home or in the office

Always reachable

Your smartphone battery will not be drained by searching for a network that doesn’t exist and therefore your battery will last longer.
The device is useful if you work in energy-efficient or well insulated homes. Otherwise, if you already have good network coverage, the device will not enhance your experience.

Plug & Play

The connection to your Proximus modem (b-box) is quick and easy and is preformed via a cable or PLC device (Devolo).
The configuration starts automatically after starting up the device without a login or password requirement.


For all your questions you can contact our helpdesk on the free number 0800 55 200.


Prices excl.VAT



1 Used calling minutes and mobile data are charged in the same way on your mobile subscription or prepaid card.

General conditions

To use the Mobile Coverage Extender you need a Proximus modem, a 3G smartphone or other 3G-compatible device, and an Internet and mobile subscription (or prepaid card) from Proximus.

For use in Belgium only, in accordance with the general terms and conditions. Only for mobile phone customers with a Proximus Internet subscription who have a 3G-compatible device. Mobile usage via the Mobile Coverage Extender is charged according to the rates that apply to the mobile subscription. Max. four simultaneous users. Max. coverage of 200 m². The Mobile Coverage Extender is and remains the property of Proximus. If the service is terminated, the customer must return the device to Proximus.


Please contact your account manager for more information or click the Contact me button to fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Private customers, the self-employed, and small companies can contact their dedicated customer service.