On smartphone, tablet or laptop

Mobile Internet rates


  • Surf the Net and send e-mails with your smartphone,tablet or laptop
  • With Proximus you surf on our excellent 3G and 4G network in Belgium. Discover why the Proximus network is the best
  • Your sales staff or employees are online anytime, anywhere
  • Appointments, tasks and contacts are always kept up to date


Mobile Internet on smartphone


1 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB



3 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB



6 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB



12 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB


You need a Proximus voice subscription, after which you can activate Internet On GSM.

Mobile Internet on tablet and laptop

Mobile Internet Pro M

3 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB


Mobile Internet Pro L

6 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB


Mobile Internet Pro XL

12 GB/month

€0.0248/extra MB


Included: free access to more than 1 million Proximus wifi for hotspots for Mobile in Belgium.

Mobile Internet on all your devices

The National Shared Data bundles are mobile Internet bundles intended for national, shared use, allowing you to optimize the mobile Internet usage of your users on their different mobile devices (smartphone, laptop or tablet). Especially since the usage and the types of devices employed can vary considerably from user to user.

  • A single volume for your entire mobile fleet: you don't have to choose individual bundles for employees depending on their usage
  • Optimization of mobile Internet usage
  • Possibility to work on the go with any device

National Shared Data bundles

Contact your account manager for rates tailored to your company

Conditions for mobile Internet and Shared Data bundles

Mobile Internet

This offer is available as of 14 November 2016. Possible granted discounts on the subscription fee of the individual National Mobile Internet options or rate plans are not applicable on the current rate plans.

National Shared Data bundles

  • If you exceed the monthly usage of your subscription: billing is per 1 KB increment.
  • The monthly volume included in the bundle is not carried over.
  • Roaming options remain unchanged.
  • Offer valid for a minimum of 30 users.
Access to company applications
  • Thanks to Proximus Mobile Intranet and the Proximus 3G and 4G network, you can access your calendar, e-mails, and your company data and applications (CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.)
  • The security of the connection is ensured via Proximus Explore or via a leased line with your fixed operator
  • With Mobile Intranet, we offer a comprehensive solution with end-to-end security

Stay informed about your usage

No more bill shocks: manage your mobile data volume.


Thanks to the MyProximus application, you can obtain an overview of your calls, messages (SMS and MMS), and Internet usage at any time, with a single click. Download the MyProximus application onto your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. You will find this application on Google Play Store, App Store, etc. You can also download MyProximus via Wi-Fi but for this you need to surf at least once a month via 3G.

SMS alerts

To spare you any bill shocks regarding your mobile data usage, Proximus sends you SMS messages to inform you of your usage, in Belgium and abroad. This service is activated automatically. No SMS messages are sent between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. (Belgian time). A surfing speed limit of 128 Kbps is applied if you exceed your volume limit for mobile Internet on smartphone and laptop/tablet. You will also be informed by SMS. This is to help you avoid paying extra costs if you large volumes of data.

Surfing limit

In accordance with EU regulations, your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 (incl. VAT) while abroad. This way, you avoid surprises on your bill. When you surf abroad, your mobile Internet connection is cut off as soon as your bill reaches €60. You will be alerted by SMS just before you reach the surfing limit and when you actually reach it. The surfing limit applies until the next billing period. You will receive an SMS as soon as you can surf abroad again. If you have a subscription for surfing at a cheaper rate when abroad, this surfing limit will be applied when you exceed your bundle of €60.

(De)activate the surfing limits

Customers who want to deactivate this surfing limit should contact their account manager or call the Proximus customer service Via 0800 55 200 and +32 475 15 60 30 (from abroad)

Business Priority Services

The rise in mobile users and the increase in data traffic are putting pressure on bandwidth.
For companies with critical applications (e.g. related to safety or health) it is useful to give priority to mobile data traffic in order to ensure that company-critical information is always quickly accessible.

Business Priority Services allows you to handle certain mobile data traffic as a priority compared with standard mobile traffic. This leads to a smoother user experience and a boost in mobile services for downloading and streaming (e.g. during videoconferencing), without this being at the expense of other users.


  • Best mobile user experience
  • Faster downloads and streaming
  • Higher priority in the mobile data network

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