Manage your mobile invoices

Manage your mobile invoices


The electronic billing service on the Certipost CertiOne platform allows you to receive an electronic bill with legal validity via Certipost Bizmail.
You can choose between two types of Bill Online services:

  • Production: you no longer receive paper bills. Your electronic bills replace the paper bills and have the same legal value. We make this service available to your company free of charge.
  • Duplicates: you continue to receive paper bills. The electronic bills are sent as copies but have no legal value. We make this service available to your company free of charge for a three-month trial period.


  • Reduce processing charges
  • Save time
  • Analyze and check your bills more quickly

Budget Manager

Proximus Budget Manager is the ideal solution for controlling and reducing mobile phone costs at your company.


Your employees use their professional mobile phone for business but also for private purposes. You can define an amount for the various types of traffic (calls or Internet) that you are prepared to pay for each employee. Proximus Budget Manager is available for companies using three or more Proximus SIM cards and is free of charge.


  • Optimal cost control
  • Clear and accurate budgets
  • For usage in Belgium and abroad
  • An extra-legal benefit for your employees: a single mobile phone for business and private purposes with business rates on private usage
  • No need to block certain usage type and therefore no user frustration

In practice

Depending on your needs and/or your employees' pattern of usage, you can define five different contribution types. If the user does not reach the limit set, you are billed for the amount actually used. If the limit is exceeded, the surplus will be billed directly to the user.

Level 1: Amount per user
  • Your contribution pays for any usage type or category without distinction
  • The total of the set amounts per user appears on your bill
  • If the total amount of the user's bill is lower than the amount you decided you are prepared to pay, you will only be billed for the amount actually used
Level 2: Percentage up to maximum amount
  • Your contribution pays for any usage type or category without distinction
  • For example, you can decide that for 10 of your employees, you are prepared to pay 50% of the total bill amount, up to a maximum of €30. Anything beyond this amount must be paid by them
  • You can also define a contribution percentage without defining a maximum amount
Level 3: Contribution per usage category
  • You set an overall amount per usage category: non-usage charges, voice communications, video calls and data communications
  • For example, you can choose to pay €30 for voice communications and for data communications, but not to pay anything for non-usage charges or video calls
Combinations of Levels 1 and 3 or 2 and 3 are possible

You can combine a contribution amount per user with an amount per usage type, or a contribution amount per usage category and per usage type. This enables you to define exceptions. For example, you can allocate €30 for the entire bill:

  • 0% for national SMS messages (i.e. your employee pays for all SMS messages)
  • 0% for international communications


  • 100% for national communications (i.e. in this case, the 100% applies to the entire bill amount (if the end-user spends €45 in national communication, you will pay €45 and not €30)

Set amount per usage type
  • For each usage type (e.g. international communications, calls received abroad, SMS, MMS, etc.), you set the amount your company is prepared to pay for each user.
  • You can cover all costs (100%) or exclude certain usage types (0%).
  • For example, you can set the amount of €5 for SMS charges but of €0 for MMS charges, while paying for 100% of national communications.

Private Use

Thanks to the Private Use service, you can split the private and professional communication costs of your employees and get more control over your mobile fleet spending. Your employees will be responsible for paying for communications which cannot be regarded as work-related, while keeping the same phone and mobile number and benefiting from a low business rate for their private calls and data traffic.

In detail

Both parties receive a bill:

  • You, as the employer, will be billed for business communications.
  • Private communications will appear on a separate bill, which will be sent to the employee (respect for privacy).

Private Use can be perfectly combined with a Wireless Office Extended solution.


There are three ways of separating calls:

  1. By using an “escape code”: the user presses a specific key to determine the call type

  2. By defining lists of authorized numbers, even abroad

  3. By defining time slots (e.g. in national use, you configure a mobile number so that all calls between 9:00 and 17:00 are paid for by the company)

For the sake of consistency, you can implement the same rules for fixed outgoing calls by programming your phone exchange, and for mobile outgoing calls by implementing Private Use. Example: calls to a specific partner will always be paid by the company.

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