Manage all mobile devices

With Enterprise Mobility Management

For smartphones, tablets and laptops

EMM makes the distribution, management and security of mobile devices easier for you

EMM offers a number of software packages which...

  • push apps and/or updates ;
  • make security features mandatory ;
  • provide e-mail settings ;
  • easily configure new devices.

Use EMM to develop the right policy and introduce mobile working in your company.

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Without Enterprise Mobility Management

Distributing, managing and securing manually mobile devices increases the risk of error

  • Local IT departments have to pre-configure all the devices.
  • Users have to further configure the devices themselves (Wi-Fi passwords, e-mail accounts, apps, etc.).
  • Mobile devices often have access to company data but no security whatsoever is foreseen.

Ask for a free demo (without any obligation)

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