Data center infrastructure

Data center infrastructure

Consulting services

Have your datacenter evaluated or let us house your servers

Are you sure your datacenter is energy efficient? Have your datacenter evaluated to save money and increase its performance. We also offer a storage audit. Find the solution that fits your needs:

Standard quick-scan
  • Maximum 1 h on-site visit of your datacenter within 1-2 weeks after your request.
  • We take a snapshot of the architecture in use in order to suggest industry improvements including how the environment is operated.
  • We review against current technology roadmap and industry best practices, including power consumption.
  • You receive a report with recommendations and quick wins, a quality proposal for a Matrix Cube fitting your requirements or a quality proposal for a retrofit solution of your datacenter.
In-dept audit of your datacenter with focus on specific topics
  • Analysis and advice around power usage and cooling
  • Facility roadmap
  • Energy consumption improvement
EU Code of Conduct audit

We guide you through the administrative and measuring processes related to the implementation of measuring tools or we do this for you.

Structured cabling

Opt for specialist cabling that carries all applications, such as voice, data, images, control signals and even intelligent systems.


  • We take care of the planning, design, installation, maintenance and support.
  • Certification and system guarantee.
  • Supportive towards all applications.
  • Our on-site specialists will make sure that your network meets your needs for years to come.
  • We deliver on-site cabling infrastructure with the maximum savings for the life of your cabling network.



  • Rent only the space you really need and keep your costs low.
  • Use a permanently secured datacenter in Belgium.
  • 24/7 access to the facility.
  • Equipped with air conditioning, autonomous alimentation, fire detection and a gas fire extinction system.
  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability of the infrastructure.
  • Opt for a quarter or a full industrial 19”-rack or a secured cage.

Where can you find our datacenters?

Netcenter 1
Surface: 5130 m2

High Density Data Center
Surface: 650 m2

Netcenter 2
Surface: 6596 m2

Partner WDC
Surface: 30 m2

Green datacenter

Proximus committed to reduce the CO2 emission of its datacenters by 70% by 2020. To achieve this, we use a 100% green power, use the outside air as much as possible to cool our datacenters, recuperate the warmth emitted where possible and optimise air streams by using separate “hot” and “cold” corridors.

Organize your move

A datacenter relocation requires thorough and rigorous planning that often involves input from multiple departments in your organization. Our experts work with you to develop a plan of execution and ensure a detailed labelling to minimize the downtime on the day of the move. In addition, we guarantee that each rack will be reassembled according to your exact specifications, even if it means working through the wee hours of the night.

Customer stories

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Imtech ICT Belgium

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AR&FP migrates entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.

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Flemish government

Flemish government

Flemish government awards ‘Operation of ICT services’ framework contract to HP and Proximus.

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