Business Trunking

Business Trunking

Business Trunking enables you to streamline your telephony infrastructure and reduce the number of lines and the calling costs, while allowing you to implement additional telephony services.


  • Reduction of connectivity costs and profitability of your data network infrastructure
  • A uniform, streamlined, optimized telephony infrastructure
  • Transparency: you keep your existing telephone numbers and acquire a user environment similar to the one you had
  • Flexibility: you choose the number of voice channels you need and can add or remove them any time as your business evolves
  • Availability guarantee, thanks to the integration of fixed telephony in your data network on the Explore platform
Business Trunking advantages
  • Most of the basic telephony features are supported (caller number display, selective blocking of incoming calls, etc.).
  • Reporting tool for your voice traffic (number of calls, destinations, quality, etc.).
  • Protocol supported: SIP.
  • Codec supported: T.38, G.711 and G.729.
  • Call routing and identification to emergency services with identification of the call origin, in accordance with existing regulations.
  • Compatible with VMS Classic (call routing management) and VMS-DRS (Disaster Recovery Solution, a backup solution for your telephony services).
  • Possible extension to mobile telephony, unified communications, and other Proximus telephony services.
  • Compatibility: only telephone exchanges certified by us can be connected in the Business Trunking solution (this certification guarantees interoperability). Below you will find a list of certified suppliers of telephone exchanges for the Business Trunking solution: Aastra, Alcatel, Avaya, Forum 500/5000/700, Be IP, Cisco, Genesys, Innovaphone, Escaux, Microsoft Lync, Mitel, NEC, One Access, Panasonic, Sonus and Unify. For more information about the supported phone exchange models and versions, please contact the supplier.