You are moving?

You are moving?

Plan your move online

Move your products in three steps

Your move is an important milestone in your life. We aim at making this a care-free experience for you.
Your Internet, Proximus TV and fixed line will be installed in your new office.
The tariff of your move is €48.76, including the installation activation.

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You are moving and only have a mobile subscription

In this case there is obviously no need for a technician to come to your premises. Change your address via MyProximus, so that your bills will be sent directly to your new address.

NB: this service is reserved exclusively for mobile subscribers. Do you have a rate plan through an intermediary party, i.e. a company, institution or third party? In that case, you cannot change the billing address for the mobile subscription you are using.

How much will your move cost?

Moving all your products now costs you only €48,76 for the installation and activation. A technician will install everything at your new address, this service is included in your move charges.

If you have any products specific to your professional activity (telephone exchange, LAN/WAN network, etc.), we advise you to contact us for a quotation.

Remain accessible during your move

You want to remain accessible and continue to surf during your move

There are several ways to remain accessible during your move:

  • Are you expecting a call during your move? Don't worry: you can forward your incoming calls to another telephone number or your mobile phone.
  • Don't miss any calls during your move thanks to PhoneMail. Listen to your messages whenever and wherever you want, on your fixed line or your mobile phone.
  • Remain accessible on your mobile phone, wherever you are. Choose from our wide variety of mobile telephony solutions (phones, subscriptions).
  • Thanks to Mobile Internet surf wherever you are.
  • Do you want to change your address online? This service is reserved exclusively for mobile subscribers, and is not available to users with a mobile bundle which is managed through a company, institution or third party.


Promotion conditions

Move free of charge - Pack

Offer valid from 17/10/2016 until 31/12/2016. Move is free of charge (instead of €48.76) for clients with a Bizz All-in pack whose move is completed within 3 months of the request. Offer cannot be combined with other installation and/or activation promotions