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You're building

Providing a Proximus connection


Ask your electrician for the Smarttube

Ask your electrician to install the « Smarttube », a cable certified by Proximus, at the same time as the electricity. He will take care of everything, so you don’t have to be present when it’s installed.

Alternative: connection carried out by Proximus

Contact us so that we can connect your home to the Proximus network. In this case, you will need to be present during the works and to have carried out some preparatory work.

More info
  • Order the connection in advance (0800 55 800) so that the technician can carry out the connection at the same time as the water and electricity.
  • Make arrangements to allow Proximus to pull the cable between the alignment and the connexion point, either with the help of an existing conduit equipped with a pull cord, or through a trench (60 cm deep).
  • Make sure to prepare a wooded, mounting plate (at least 50cm x 70cm) for the installation of the connection point in an easily accessible room, closed to the place where the connection pipes will be distributed to the other rooms. There should be two 230V power sockets in the immediate vicinity.

Create your network

A network in your home is the ideal solution for surfing, sharing files, and watching digital TV on all your screens.

Would you like to install a network at your office? Download the PDF to find out how.

Do you want to install Internet and/or Proximus TV? Find out now.

Documents for architects

Documents for architects

As an architect, you obviously require very specific information. Here you will find the lastest documents on cabling, which will help you in your work.