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Being impatient has its advantages

Work, surf and download super-fast
Anytime, anyplace
Latest mobile technologies: 4G+ and HD Voice
1.3 million Wi-Fi Hotspots

There can only be one impatient network

And that's ours

The best in 93% of the tests

In 93% of tests conducted by Commsquare we were the best or tied best for calling, surfing, downloading and sharing.

No tests in a secure lab, but everyday situations in which you use your smartphone.

Details of the tests

The independent firm Commsquare regularly performs tests on the networks of Proximus. This means a car equipped with receptors drives by the Belgian roads to measure the quality. The car drives approximately 8,100km, performing 16,500 voice calls and 6,300 data tests per operator. Measurements made by Commsqueare in Q3 2016 (03/08/2016 - 14/09/2016).

Speed is measured as it is experienced by the customer. Measurements are taken with 3G and 4G devices in free mode which automatically connect with the best available network (2G, 3G or 4G). These speeds can be lower than the measurements on the network itself, but are closer to the real customer experience.

Each situation measured takes into account the device (2G, 3G or 4G), type of use (calling, downloading, uploading, video streaming, texting), and location (drive tests in cities and municipalities across Belgium and on the motorway, and tests conducted by a pedestrian indoors or on a train). The results are published by Commsquare in a Mobile Customer Experience Dashboard with 85 situations. In 93% of these situations, Proximus scores the best, compared to 72% for Orange and 34% for Base. The sum of the percentages is greater than 100% because operators can be tied best in different situations.


With a coverage of 97.85%

Thanks to our 97.85% 4G coverage, the BIPT declared that our network has the best coverage in Belgium.

Curious? Discover the details about our coverage here.

Confirmed by our customers!

At the Tweakers Awards 15/16, they voted us the:

Best mobile Provider in Belgium

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Your smartphone switches automatically between mobile internet and free Wi-Fi on-the-go in Belgium and abroad.

No optimal network coverage in the office?

Individual buildings, it's a nice gesture for the environment ... but it should not prevent you from working efficiently. Give your customers and employees better call quality and surfing through Mobile Coverage Extender.

Also impatient tomorrow

That's a promise

Today, we are the most impatient network and we intend to stay so tomorrow and after tomorrow. Count on us.

Surf faster with the 4G+

We are currently busy with the further deployment of 4G and 4G+!
If you are connected to 4G+, you can go up to 50% faster than with 4G.
The average 3G/4G download speed at Proximus is 32/39% faster than Base and 23/36% faster than Orange.

Your calls in HD quality:

Call on other mobile numbers of Proximus in HD quality with your smartphone. Enjoy crystal clear sound, better voice quality and less background noise. The latest smartphones are compatible with HD Voice. Do not enable anything: everything is automatic and included in our tariff plans.

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