Proximus TV

It’s insane, all the things you can do with Proximus TV

Proximus TV ; Pack ; interactive ; on demand ; TV app
  • On all your screens
  • Loads of football and many sports
  • Movies and series as much as you want, with or without an extra subscription
  • Interactive TV, thanks to the Proximus TV app, TV Replay and the SwipeBox
  • More than 80 channels in digital quality 
Proximus TV? In a Tuttimus of course!

Benefit from:

  • a bonus TV package thrown in
  • 3 months of Netflix offered
  • one blockbuster per month

Interactive TV

Get more out of your TV, you are in control

Proximus TV ; interactive ; on demand ; TV app

Pause, rewind, record

Fridge break? Use « Pause » and « Rewind ». Or simply record your favourite shows!

TV Replay

You’ve missed a program? No stress, go back up to 36 hours and enjoy your show.

Proximus TV app

Use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control, or launch a program to your television.


Instantly share your best pictures and craziest videos on your TV set!

Enjoy much more TV content!

We have an offer for all TV tastes

Connect my tv's

Which equipment do you need to enjoy Proximus TV? Find info about the decoders offer and modem or b-box, check our wireless solutions to avoid cabling.

More info about the equipment
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