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“Our company is entirely cloud-based”

Customer storiesby One magazine10/06/2015

Watz is among the new players on the energysupply market. A young five-strong outfit, it supplies 100% Belgian and 100% green power. Watz tries to set itself apart through a transparent approach and oneon- one service.

Gert Haubrechts: “Our company was set up in 2013. Our selling point was that we were able to start with a so-called ‘greenfi eld scenario’ and to adopt an all-new IT strategy. We decided against setting up our own IT infrastructure, because we wanted to focus on our core business— supplying energy. After all, one can only provide excellent service if one doesn’t have to spend too much time with accounting and other administrative chores.”

What did you put in the cloud?
Haubrechts: “Well, first of all our accounting software, because cloud-based accounting software has a number of advantages. Our invoices and direct debit transactions are managed by our accounting software, and bank details are matched automatically, which saves us a lot of time compared with manually entering such data.”

Can you tell us how much time is saved by this approach?
“All in all, we save almost two working days a month, which leaves us more time for customer-oriented activities. Plus, we have access to more information. We can check a customer’s financial status and history only minutes before paying them a visit, for instance. And during such a meeting we can already take the appropriate steps accountancy-wise. While on holiday, or during the weekend, we can check any time whether all is still well, which is crucial for the management team’s peace of mind.”

I reckon that accounting is only one aspect. What else does an SME like yours use?
“Our entire management software with respect to customer administration and energy providers is also located in the cloud. This also applies to our telephone switchboard, because it allows us to work from home and to link to the switchboard using our mobile phones. Furthermore, we use our trusted Office 365 suite for our e-mails, documents and sharing those documents.”

Do you use any mobile devices for your work?
“At the oce, our team uses desktop PCs, albeit with touch-sensitive screens, because they are simply faster and more e cient when you’re on the phone with a customer. I myself have a laptop, an iPhone and a tablet. I suppose I also use the tablet for my work, although I have to admit that I mainly use it to browse through documents, and for my own presentations.”



One magazine is the Proximus B2B magazine for CIOs and IT professionals in large and medium-sized organisations.

One magazine is the Proximus B2B magazine for CIOs and IT professionals in large and medium-sized organisations.

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